Rocky Road

A story of a rocky road through life including marriage and trying to have a baby we so desperately want.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The start of our baby journey/Kev's Diagnosis

Kev and I married in Aug 2005. I had stopped birth control pills July 2004 because I was suffering biweekly migraines due to the hormones. Kev decided if we were meant to have a baby then we would, so no bcps was okay. Although he used condoms for a little while after I stopped taking the bcps. We started really trying to have a baby when we got married and in October Kev went for his first physical in years and I was amazed, he came home with an order for a Semen Analysis. He went about 3 weeks later and finally had the test done and he got the call the day before Thanksgiving, there were no sperm. We had a rough Thanksgiving day with my parents there. Kev decided it was okay for me to share the results with Mom. Mom eventually told Dad and that was okay. We went for first Urologist appt December 19th and they ordered a 2nd semen analysis, 2 ultrasounds, a hormone panel and chromosomal analysis. We had our 2nd appt with the Urologist Jan 16th to go over test results. The 2nd SA showed no sperm, the ultrasounds were both okay, Testosterone level was low and FSH was too high showing the testes are not working. The Chromsome test wasn't back, it came back later that week and showed dh has Klinefelter's Syndrome, his Chromosomes are XXY instead of XY. Dr. T offers to set-up to do a biopsy, but Kev declines the offer. We discuss it, our only option for bio children is to do the biopsy and IVF with ICSI, Kev says he doesn't want to do that and I know we can't afford it. He is so protective of me, he doesn't want me to go through all the drugs and necessary testing for that as well as him not wanting to be cut open. So he mentions donor sperm as I had only mentioned it in passing before. We decide that is the route we will take and I start comparison shopping for sperm banks. After many suggestions from my friends on fertilityfriend where I went to find some caring souls to talk to and start charting, we decide on Midwest. So I headed to my family doctor to discuss all this and get the paperwork signed, everything goes well, I send the paperwork in and we start looking at possible donors, we decide on a few we like and I send a note asking for some profiles on the ones we like.


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