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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Insems late April?

I just spent the early morning hours paying bills, balancing checkbooks, and budgeting. Fun, fun. I love doing that, probably why I chose Accounting as my career. In budgeting I've included what we will have to pay for our donor sperm and I had it budgeted to pay the end of April which would have been fine. But I got a temp rise this morning so I'm absolutely certain I ovulated yesterday and that means I may ovulate again the very end of March moving everything up to ovulating the end of April instead of early May. Now it's starting to seem not so far away. WOW!!!! I'm getting excited.
In other news, Kev got up after the alarm went off the first time this morning and got dressed and went to work. No fussing or whining at all. I was so relieved. I just hope this evening he is better or hasn't slid back to being mean or even worse, started smoking all over again. He says he really doesn't want to, but he really had to fight the urge to get a pack of cigs on his way home. He also mentioned someone at work asked if he wasn't joining them for a cig and he said "NO" and they said it was great he quit and asked if he quit his other substance and he said "YES." I'm so glad and since I openly told me that I believe that he has quit. It was such a relief to just sit and talk last evening over dinner. I really feel a lot less stressed today than I have all week. Thankfully it is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday. I'm excited to see my family this weekend, we are all getting together for a birthday dinner for my youngest sister, I can't believe she turned 22 yesterday. Well, off to get ready for work and take my puppies out. We were supposed to have snow and sleet last night, but low and behold we wake up and there is nothing. Now it is raining. I hope it doesn't get bad during the day today, I don't like driving in the mess even though I do have a 4X4.


  • At 10:56 PM, Blogger Vee said…

    Great to see things are more positive for you guys...roll on April for the both of us !


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