Rocky Road

A story of a rocky road through life including marriage and trying to have a baby we so desperately want.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Please reschedule

Well, dh and I talked this morning and he told me that Thursday night is the night the guys go out after work and he already told the guys he was going out, so he doesn't want to have the tests done this evening. So I'm going to call this person back and ask her if we can reschedule for next week. Hopefully this doesn't turn out to be a huge problem. That gives a few more days for everything to hopefully flush out of Kev's system. I told him he has to drink lots and lots of water. This just makes me so nervous and flares my temper a bit. If he just wouldn't do this stuff I wouldn't have to go through all this worrying and being mad. Uhhhhhh, it's so frustrating. Hopefully this will be no trouble, she'll just reschedule and I can just try to forget about it until next week.


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