Rocky Road

A story of a rocky road through life including marriage and trying to have a baby we so desperately want.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Things are much better. I got home from work yesterday and Kev was playing on the computer. He came out to eat dinner and we sat and watched part of a movie and then went up to bed and finished watching the movie. I can't remember if he had a cig after dinner, that's how much I'm trying to not pay attention to the bad parts. TMI....we went up to bed and bd and he went down to the kitchen to get me a glass of water and got himself a yogurt instead of going outside for a cig. Regardless of how much he is or is not smoking he isn't drinking as much as he was last week and he is being nice to me, back to being himself feeling me up in the kitchen while I'm trying to make dinner. I make a little bit of a fuss about it, but he knows I like it. We are planning to go to a dance club this coming weekend, I just made a hotel reservation near the club so we don't have to worry about driving home intoxicated. Adds a little more cost, but we will make it home safe in the morning, and sometimes it is fun to spend a night away from home. It's like a mini-vacation. Besides, we have to do these things now, because we have our babies we won't be doing these things, we will be at home enjoying our long awaited babies.


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