Rocky Road

A story of a rocky road through life including marriage and trying to have a baby we so desperately want.

Monday, March 06, 2006


I haven't posted in a few days. We were visiting my parents this weekend. Mom and I have a tax accounting business so I was really working a good bit of the weekend. I really need it for a couple reasons, one reason is it gives me a refresher on everything and the other reason being that we still owe mom for money spent on our wedding in August, she says she is not worried about it, but it bugs me. All these doctor bills haven't helped us get ahead any. At least I have worked off some of that debt. Not sure if Kev and dad talked much about his cigarette smoking or not. They spent a majority of the weekend together out at the shooting range and shopping for new guns and hunting & fishing stuff. I've not been mentioning Kev's smoking at all and have been trying not to pay attention to how much he is smoking. He was nice to me all weekend, not sure if that was just because we were at my parents or if he is feeling better or what. I know he told me the other day that he knows he hasn't been the nicest to me over the past week. We will see how things are when I get home since we are back to the daily routine. I'm a little tired today, I was up too late last evening. I'm thinking I should research what our insurance pays in the way of quit smoking programs. I know they cover some things and just let Kev know because he did ask at one point because someone asked him and he didn't think they did cover anything. I have to try to remember to check that out tonight.


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