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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Yet another reason to quit

Just a quick post because I'm really tired and need to go to sleep in order to be at least somewhat lively at work tomorrow. I am so bored, have nothing to do at work. It makes the day go so slow when I have nothing to do. Anyway, we got a call from the lady to come draw our blood and get the urine samples for our screening for our life insurance. She is coming tomorrow and I asked what all they would be testing for and of course she answered "the normal, cholesterol, blood sugar, tobacco if you said you don't use it and other substances." Great!!!!! So I know mine will come back just fine, but Kev's, not so sure about. He claims it's been 2-3 weeks since he used that other substance, but I'm not so sure I believe him, and even if it has been that long, I'm not sure if it would be out of his system. Ughhhhhhh.....just one more thing for me to stress about. And of course I couldn't restrain myself, I said to him, "do you see why I want you to stop doing this stuff? Everyone tests for it and it effects everything I do to try to better things for us." Probably not the smartest thing to say, but I wish he would realize that things would be so much less stressful for me and easier for us in general if he would just stop all this. Hopefully I can try to not think about it tomorrow and just go with the flow, if it comes back positive, it does and we go from there. At least I'll be covered, but I really want both of us covered.


  • At 6:12 AM, Blogger Vee said…

    Sounds like a good reason to me !

    Have a great weekend dancing, just remember that sort of environment will make him want to smoke more.
    When we were giving up, we had to give up the social life for a while. It was hard because you needed to find things that didn't revolve around others smoking. So maybe he should give up after your nice weekend away, I am sure he will be a nicer person if you let him smoke least you get to enjoy the weekend :)

    have fun !


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