Rocky Road

A story of a rocky road through life including marriage and trying to have a baby we so desperately want.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

On A TTC Break!!!

DIVI #3 was unsucessful, so we are on a break from TTC right now. We took vacation in August around the time we would have needed to do an insem and we decided to leave TTC at home, so I didn't take my thermometer and didn't chart at all, while on vacation. Since then I have been charting signs here and there, but in no way have I been diligently charting this cycle. Just wanted enough info in there to make sure I get my ovulation date pinpointed. We have decided to take off next cycle as well. I bought a motorcycle just before we left for vacation and got my motorcycle permit, so I have been focusing time and energy on learning to ride a motorcycle and want to enjoy it some before winter comes. I have my safety course Sept 7-Sept 17, so I should have my license after that.
*fingers crossed* It seems that Kev will be changing jobs next week finally. We have been awaiting this change for several months, I hope everything goes smoothly as he had a drug test yesterday and has a welding test sometime this week. His last day at his old job is to be this Thursday and I have taken Friday off from work which will be nice as Monday is a holiday, so we will have a 4 day weekend to enjoy together. I got a raise at work last week, so that will help with finances some. I am hoping that we will be able to get everything caught up financially in order to be able to try in October and then I would possibly have a late birthday present of a BFP in early November. That would be so exciting. I'm not so happy about not trying because we both want a baby so much, but I am also grateful for the break. I've also been considering adoption, but need to discuss that further with Kev. My fear (on top of cost) is that we would be turned down because we both work outside the home, so I'm thinking this may be something that we have to wait to do. But I also don't want to wait too long as Kev will be 37 in January. Hopefully everything goes as planned for now and we can try again very soon.